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About the Loyal Scot Program

You know them. You've seen them. And, you may even be one of them! Carnegie Mellon Loyal Scots are the university's best cheerleaders. They are alumni and students who are deeply involved in the university family and are proud to wear their "plaid" on their sleeves — some have been doing it for years and others for decades! The new Loyal Scot program recognizes their dedication, passion and continued commitment to Carnegie Mellon University.

  • The Loyal Scot program is a recognition program comprised of a diverse alumni and student population. This program recognizes those alumni and students with a deeper involvement in the Carnegie Mellon family.
  • Being a Loyal Scot is all about pride, involvement, feeling a connection, and proudly wearing your "plaid" on your sleeve.
  • Becoming a Loyal Scot is easy — just complete four steps each year to be eligible — verify/update your contact info, attend an event or volunteer, give back and advocate for the university — you might already be "Plaid to the Bone" and just didn't know it!

To be a Loyal Scot

It's easy. Just meet the following four requirements each year.

1. Connect

Verify/update your contact information.

Keep your contact information up-to-date via your online community account. By keeping your email address, phone number, and mailing address updated, you will stay connected with the university, fellow alumni, faculty, and students.

A registered online community account provides you the following, plus more:

There are other ways to stay informed through our many social media channels.

2. Engage

Volunteer or attend an event.

There are many events and other ways to get and stay involved. Whether you live in New York, Des Moines or New Delhi, you can still be involved in the Carnegie Mellon community. The Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association offers many ways for you to reconnect with your fellow alumni, students and the university.

Note: A special tag will appear on Loyal Scot Eligible events and volunteer activities. Make it count — be sure to register or sign-in for all events and volunteer activities so we can record your Loyal Scot involvement.

3. Give

Make a gift of any size each year (July 1 through June 30).

Make a gift today.

It is your participation in giving each year — not the amount of your gift — that really counts. You can demonstrate your commitment to support Carnegie Mellon in the following ways:

  • Student Support: Help today's students follow their big dreams
  • Faculty Support: Retain and enhance our world-class faculty
  • Learn how to support the university's Emerging Opportunities
  • Our Facilities & Equipment must stay current
  • Support one of our Schools & Colleges
  • Learn more about our key Areas of Excellence
  • In addition to the areas listed above, you can designate your gift to any area of particular interest to you, student organization, fraternity or sorority, academic department or college, and more. For questions regarding gift designations, please contact the Office of Annual Giving at (412) 268-2021.

4. Brag

Show your Tartan pride, anytime and everywhere!

Okay, we're throwing you a bone — if you've met the other three requirements, you probably already show the world that you are "Plaid to the Bone!" Here are just a few ways to show your CMU pride.

Give to CMU