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Professional Development Webinar
How We're Working Isn't Working: Lessons From ​Message Not Received 

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Presented by Phil Simon (DC'93)

George Bernard Shaw once famously said, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." Although he died in 1950, Shaw's words live on, especially in the business world. Far too many executives, salespeople, consultants and even rank-and-file employees suck at communicating.  

If bad business communication is a disease, the prevalence of hackneyed and utterly meaningless terms is just one of its major causes. Aside from using confusing language, many corporate folks depend almost exclusively on a single communications vehicle: email. In the process, they actively resist new, powerful and truly collaborative tools specifically designed to make people work and communicate better.

Business communication need not suffer from antiquated tools and a commensurate mind-set. Award-winning author and CMU alumnus Phil Simon (DC'93) believes that it's high time to reexamine not only what we say while we're on the clock, but how we say it.

In this webinar, Simon will:
  • Demonstrate the pernicious effects of "multi-tasking."
  • Make you question the efficacy of interminable email chains.
  • Provide statistics and research on the extent to which employees are overwhelmed.
  • Suggest better ways of communicating while on the clock.
Phil Simon is a sought-after speaker and recognized authority on technology, trends, communication and management. He advises companies on how to optimize their use of technology and has written seven books, most recently Message Not Received. His contributions have been featured in Harvard Business Review, CNN, Inc., The New York Times, Wired, NBC, CNBC, Wired, The Huffington Post, FoxNews,,, BusinessWeek and many other high-profile media outlets. He holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University. He lives just outside of Las Vegas. Stalk him on Twitter at @philsimon.

Free to attend.

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