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Scotty Goes Green

The Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving is proud to be participating in the Scotty Goes Green program. To date we have completed and/or committed to the following Bronze Certification measures:

  1. We signed the Scotty Goes Green Office Participation Pledge.
  2. We completed a Green Office Pre-Audit.
  3. We have added sustainability topics/ tips as a regular agenda item at staff meetings.
  4. We have established an active office Green Team.
  5. We have identified a Scotty Goes Green Rep for the office.
  6. We have added a link to the Environment @ CMU website and information about our own efforts toward becoming Green Certified to our website.
  7. We have posted the Green Tip poster and/ or certificate on an office bulletin board.
  8. We turn off lights when we leave unoccupied rooms or use task lighting or daylight when possible.
  9. When possible we use human power instead of electrical power.
  10. We practice energy efficient computing practices
  11. We use centralized, shared appliances and equipment such as printers, scanners, copiers and refrigerators.
  12. We unplug Vampire Power.
  13. We possible we try to turn off our computers and monitors each night.
  14. We complete an office energy ‘power down’ before holidays and breaks.
  15. We ensure that windows are tightly closed during heating and cooling season.
  16. We walk, take the shuttle or car pool to on-campus meetings and departmental events.
  17. We are aware of the bike racks nearest our office building.
  18. We telecommute when possible.
  19. We report leaks and running faucets to FMS.
  20. We use environmentally products whenever possible.
  21. We use reusable mugs/ cups at office meetings and events whenever possible.
  22. We practice recycling and have recycling instructions posted near recycling bins.
  23. We provide recycling and composting bins at events and meetings sponsored by our office.
  24. We recycle batteries using the FMS battery collection service.
  25. We have established an office supply sharing and re-use area.
  26. We use interdepartmental envelopes for mailing on campus.
  27. When possible, we print/copy on both sides of a page.
  28. We only buy paper for printing/ copying that is at least 30% recycled material.
  29. We reuse standard office supplies whenever possible.
  30. When we buy office supplies we try and do so in bulk.

Over the next two years we plan to implement the following additional Bronze Certification measures:

  1. Arrange for surplus furniture, electronics and equipment to be reused or donated.
  2. Check to see if any departments have surplus stock before purchasing new office furniture.
  3. Only purchase new equipment that complies with USEPA Energy Star Guidelines.
  4. Recycle used toner and ink cartridges from printers and copy machines.
  5. Stop printing banner sheets whenever possible.

Our goal is to obtain Silver Certification.  To that end we have completed or committed to the following:

  1. We maintain an active Green Team to address and promote new initiatives.
  2. We have installed occupancy sensor switches that turn off on their own when a space is not in use.
  3. We schedule regular vehicle maintenance for our departmental vehicles that are current with emission testing requirements.
  4. Our employees take advantage of teleworking opportunities where appropriate.
  5. We purchase and use green cleaning products for our kitchens.
  6. We only run the dishwasher if it is completely full.
  7. We host zero waste events at both Ceilidh and Spring Carnival.
  8. We promote and enable alternatives to in-person meetings, such as video-conferencing and conference calls.
  9. We have decreased the number of giveaways, freebies, and swag purchased and offered by our office.
  10. We only use 30% recycled paper for general purpose printing and copying.
  11. Each work area (cubicle or office) has a desk-side paper recycling bin.
  12. We buy kitchen and office supplies in bulk to minimize packaging waste.
  13. We buy recycled and environmentally friendly office products such as file folders, Post-it notes, and desk accessories.

Over the next two years we plan to implement the following additional measures to obtain Silver Certification:

  1. Include an introduction to our office’s sustainability initiatives in new staff orientation and staff meetings.
  2. Take part in the Green Practices Committee meetings and submit a story about our efforts to be put up on on the website or published in the SEER Newsletter.
  3. Formally challenge another office to participate in the Scotty Goes Green Certification Program.
  4. Replace old power strips with “smart” power strips wherever possible.
  5. Post reminders around the office that employees should make sure lights and printers are turned off once they are finished using them.
  6. Completely eliminate disposable dishware for daily personal use.
  7. Reuse or donate office furniture that is no longer wanted or needed.
  8. Review the CMU Recycling Policy at staff meetings and trainings to ensure that all members of our office understand the rules and guidelines.
  9. Expand our green efforts during Ceilidh and Spring Carnival weekends by printing smaller brochures, eliminating paper event registrations and employing reusable nametags and other materials.

For more information on The Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving’s efforts to go green, please contact Ryan Freytag, Assistant Director of Global Networks and Campus Programs.

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