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Welcome to the Washington, DC Alumni website

Our mission is to organize events and programming, connect alumni with other alumni, share knowledge, and serve the university such as helping to recruit prospective students.

The Washington DC Alumni Chapter was formed more than 25 years ago. There are more than 3,000 Carnegie Mellon University alumni living in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The geographic areas include the District of Columbia, Maryland counties just outside Washington, D.C.,  and Northern Virginia as far west as Fairfax and Loudon counties.

Please take advantage of our wide range of events and opportunities:

  • Attend cultural events and faculty seminars
  • Connect with 3,000+ alumni in the metro area
  • Grow professionally and further your career
  • Get involved and develop your leadership skills
  • Socialize with your friends and meet recent graduates
  • Play on one of our five sport teams

About the Chapter Leadership

The chapter's alumni leadership team draws upon a mix of alumni from the days of Carnegie Tech to recent graduates. The chapter leaders and members of the chapter committees represent every school and several different decades from the 1960's to 2000's.

Colin Taylor (CIT 2007) & Pratima Neti (Tepper 2009)

Past Chapter Presidents
2011-2012           Tom Eliopoulos (H&SS 2007)
2009-2011           Julie Wilson (H&SS 1999)
2008-2009           David Vurdelja (Tepper 1987)
2006-2008           Julie Wilson (H&SS 1999)
2004-2006           David Calvo (CIT 1995)
2003-2004           Astrid Rapp (H&SS 1997)
1999-2003           Lori Weiss (CIT 1995)
1996-1999           Tim Liu (H&SS 1985)
1993-1996           Peter Rapp (CIT 1973, CIT 1976, Tepper 1976)
1990-1990           Michael Oldak (Tepper 1970, CIT 1970)
1988-1990           Les Toth (CIT 1974)
1983-1988           Michael Oldak (Tepper 1970, CIT 1970)

Member of the Capital Alumni Network

The Washington DC Alumni Chapter is a member of the Capital Alumni Network which includes more than 140 local alumni groups from universities and colleges around the country. Click here for more information about the Capital Alumni Network.

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