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Each year, over 3,500 members of the alumni and university communities dedicate their time and talents to Carnegie Mellon University. I volunteer because I see the difference it makes - my enthusiasm and passion for Carnegie Mellon inspire others to do the same, encourage students to feel pride in being part of the Carnegie Mellon community and connect alumni back to their alma mater.

Whether you choose to interview prospective students as a CMAC volunteer, join your reunion committee, or plan an event in your city or region, there are many volunteer opportunities within the university community. Come join us, leave your mark and help make Carnegie Mellon stronger. It just takes a few minutes to learn how you can get involved. If you are not sure where to start or would like assistance to find the best match for your interest and skills, please contact Lynn DeFabio in the office of Alumni Relations.  

Thank you for your interest!  

Proudly plaid,

Debbie Yue (DC 1989)
President, CMU Alumni Association Board

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