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Carnival 2016: Game Night is April 14-16.

Carnival is one of our quintessential CMU traditions, and we hope you plan to return to celebrate! Where else can you find Booth, Buggy, Mobots, and S'n'S shows (among the many other events) in one location? As always, make sure your FIRST STOP back on campus is the Check-In & Welcome Area in Wean Commons (Cohon University Center)!

We are currently working on the schedule of events — look for both the schedule and registration in February of 2016. Some exciting weekend highlights will include:

  • All-new educational track
  • Booth! theme: Game Night
  • Class of 1991 25th Reunion celebration
  • Pipes & Drums Band performance
  • 22nd Annual Mobot races
  • Sweepstakes races
  • Kiltie Band concert
  • Much, much more

What YOU can do now:

  • Start reconnecting: Search for classmates on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Share: your Carnival photos from previous years on our Facebook page using #CMUcarnival
  • Contact us: if you need information on fellow alumni, student organization or academic departments, send us an email — we'll assist in outreach
  • Give back: Whatever your passion, you can support it

Have questions about campus amenities, local hotels, and more? Check the FAQ. See you in April as we celebrate this CMU tradition!

Spring Carnival 2015 - Living Library Click to expand

The book is closed on another wonderful Carnival weekend and we are glad that so many alumni, families and friends of Carnegie Mellon were able to join us! Couldn't be here in person? Join us online!

Did you know that Carnival has grown beyond the Pittsburgh campus?
Carnegie Mellon's Silicon Valley campus celebrates Carnival at their Moffett Field location. Check out these highlights:

Booth Results

1. Alpha Epsilon Pi: Jurassic Park
2. Sigma Phi Epsilon: The Polar Express
3. Delta Tau Delta: Journey to the Center of the Earth

1. Kappa Alpha Theta: Wizard of Oz
2. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Magic Tree House
3. Delta Delta Delta: Where the Wild Things Are

1. Taiwanese Students' Association: Life of Pi
2. Asian Students' Association: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
3. KGB: Where the Sidewalk Ends

1. Mellon College of Science: The Hunger Games
2. Mayur SASA: Aladdin
3. Math Club: What If?

Blitz: Math Club: What if?
Full-Size: TSA: Life of Pi

People's Choice
Kappa Alpha Theta: Wizard of Oz

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Sweepstakes Results

Place Team Prelims Finals Prelims Notes Finals Notes
1 CIA A 2:38.178 2:35.641
2 Fringe A 2:45.787 2:39.992
3 SDC A 2:44.551 2:46.584
4 PiKA A 2:43.825 2:47.872
5 Spirit B 3:08.700 2:53.209
6 CIA B 3:12.108 2:54.525
7 SAE A 3:13.445 3:11.269
8 AEPi A 3:20.598
9 CIA C 3:22.385
10 CIA D 3:37.200
11 Fringe C 3:42.103 reroll
12 PhiDelt A 5:09.134 reroll after stopped behind spin
Fringe B 3:11.605 withdrew after day 1
Apex B 3:16.477 2:48.378 DQ - pushbar
Sig Ep B 2:46.854 DQ - drops
Apex A 3:04.467 DQ - drops
SDC C 3:11.242 DQ - drops
Spirit A spin
SDC B spin
Fringe D DNS
Place Team Prelims Finals Prelims Notes Finals Notes
1 SDC A 2:13.610 2:12.358
2 SigEp A 2:13.228 2:12.706
3 CIA A 2:13.037 2:12.955
4 Fringe A 2:18.599 2:14.172
5 Spirit A 2:19.587 2:16.598
6 SDC B 2:19.460 Collision in chute with Spirit B (inside) rerolled on Sat after prelim incident
7 Apex A 2:22.409 2:20.403
8 SAE A 2:24.443 2:24.039
9 SDC C 2:26.069 2:25.950 reroll
12 Apex B 2:28.700
13 SigNu A 2:31.397
14 Spirit C 2:34.516 reroll
15 SigEp C 2:34.648
16 CIA C 2:38.061
17 Spirit B 2:39.295 reroll after collision with SDC B
18 CIA D 2:46.139 reroll after stopped behind crash
19 PhiDelt A 2:46.392
20 Fringe B 2:47.751
22 Fringe D 3:15.122
SigEp B 2:18.856 DNF
CIA B 2:20.821 2:19.412 DQ - drops
PiKA A 2:13.870 DQ - pushbar
AEPi A 2:38.392 DQ - spot safety
Fringe C 2:38.512 reroll, DQ - drops
Place Team Time Notes
PiKA 2:12.798 Men's A team after DQ
Spirit 2:34.623 alumni grudge match v. PiKA
Spirit 2:37.848
SigEp 2:41.46
PiKA 2:42.433 alumni grudge match v. Spirit
SDC 2:52.810
RoboBuggy 3:10.53
Fringe 3:42.231
Apex 3:42.709
CIA 2:44.444

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Spring Carnival 2014 - Best of the Best: Carnival 100 Click to expand

As part of the centennial celebration of Spring Carnival, the Pittsburgh City Council declared April 10, 2014 Carnegie Mellon University Spring Carnival Day in the city.
View the proclamation »

Booth Results

1. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Lord of the Rings
2. Alpha Epsilon Pi: Simpsons
3. Delta Tau Delta: Coney Island

1. Kappa Alpha Theta: Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Wreck It Ralph
3. Delta Gamma: Despicable Me

1. Asian Students' Association: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2. Singapore Students' Association: Secret Agent Training School
3. Taiwanese Students' Association: Miyazaki Films

1. Phi Delta Theta: The Olympics
2. Mayur SASA: Avatar: The Last Airbender
3. Mellon College of Science: Batman

Blitz: Math Club: To Infinity and Beyond 
Full Size: Taiwanese Students' Association: Miyazaki Films

Best of the Best: Fringe: Pittsburgh: The Best City in the World
Chairman's Choice: Math Club: To Infinity and Beyond
People's Choice: Kappa Kappa Theta: Pirates of the Caribbean
T-Shirt Award: Taiwanese Students' Association: Miyazaki Films

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Sweepstakes Results

Men's     Women's    
Place Team Time Place Team Time
1 SDC A 02:04.5 1 SDC A 02:33.5
2 SigEp A 02:14.6 2 Fringe A 02:42.6
3 Fringe A 02:17.0 3


4 SigEp B 02:17.3 4 CIA A 02:58.1
5 Spirit A 02:18.1 5 SigEp A 02:52.8
6 PiKA B 02:25.5 6 PiKA A 03:07.0
7 CIA A 02:23.2 7 SigEp B 02:56.3
  SAE A 02:27.2 8 Spirit A 02:58.9
  Apex B DNS 9 SDC C 02:59.9
8 Spirit C 02:29.5 10 Fringe B 03:00.6
  Spirit B 02:30.7      
  Fringe B 02:31.0      
  SigEp C 02:31.8      
9 CIA B 02:31.9      
10 SDC C 02:32.3      

Watch video streams of the this year's races from cmuTV
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Carnival Weekend Social Media Highlights

Spring Carnival 2013 - Fractured Fairytales Click to expand

Spring Carnival 2012 - As Seen on TV Click to expand

Spring Carnival 2011 - When I Was Your Age...! Click to expand

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